Are you on your way to becoming an excellent professional?
Do you like significant challenges and want to learn to be part of our team?
Are you willing to work in a creative environment full of real-world challenges?


We are always in search of a design, marketing, architecture, management, or career-related student that be super creative, that knows how to perform in a multidisciplinary team if you are someone who:

• Could adapt quickly to the industry and be willing to understand our client’s business.
• Has initiative
• Knows how to communicate, with good grammar and writing ability.
• Has the potential to develop 3D or 2D projects and/or innovative strategies.
• Demonstrates innovation skills.
• Can listen actively and also be able to follow instructions.

But most of all, … who has 100% CD&I Associates’ partner attitude! Showing constant commitment, sense of humour and dedication, and someone who wants to learn by doing and do by learning!

We are constantly looking for a design, marketing, architecture, administration or career-related student, a super creative, that wants to learn how to perform in a multidisciplinary team.

A creative that is about to graduate from a university, and it is looking to gain first-hand experience by recognizing all the steps that surround an innovative project,

you need to DEMONSTRATE:

Also, if you know new and exciting stuff, have hidden magic talents, learn how to tell jokes, know about: interactive media, 3D, marketing studies, cool-hunting, product design or something related, you are on the right track!