An award-winning design and innovation consultancy. Since 1995 We collaborate with business directors and entrepreneurs to improve their results, by developing new products, services, brands, strategies and spaces bringing bold ideas to life.
Working globally, acting locally! Is at the core of our business; we work in small team Groups, dedicating special attention to every customer's needs.

Since 1995 our team keeps renewing allowing young, talented individuals to work and learn alongside our best professors, businessmen, and entrepreneurs.

Each project we take on is particularly designed and crafted through our Toronto team’s futuristic lens, the Latin touch of our staff in Bogotá, and our team members’ outstanding experience and assistance at our European and American offices.

Through consumer analysis, we identify trends, formulate visions, propose strategies, and combine solutions to create spaces, brands, products, graphics, and services to maximize our clients’ brand exposure, recognition, social benefit, and profitability.

In addition to advising and designing the right projects, we work together with our clients to develop real chances to improve their business goals.

By applying ten innovation variables, and Design Thinking, we deliver transversal solutions that range from product design, business models, channel and network design, retail space, and consumer experience to customer service, branding, marketing, and communication strategies that generate a positive response from your stakeholders.

Many people claim to know the trick when it comes to innovation. But how many experts really have what it takes?

What We Do
We love what we do, and we love to see our clients grow!
We Carefully Conduct Research

For us, research is the primary tool to understand the reality of where we are, who we are, and what we want.

With it, we find the secrets that allow us to prepare and tune our innovations.

We Bring Ideas to Life

The world of ideas and business are related, but how many of those ideas are the billion-dollar ones? Which of them should be considered? We have developed methodologies to go from a dream scenario to a business focused on results, giving life to the ideas that make a difference.

We Make it Happen

There are so many ideas in people’s heads, but which ones will succeed? How many times have you tried to bring your ideas to life? You may be wondering the best way to convey, increase, or accelerate the chances of your ideas.

We believe that we can become the missing link you need to succeed, from thinking to making, making to implementing, and implementing to achieving!

Unlimited Creativity

We are constantly planning new ways to go further, do more, and be better.

Sales Increase

This is our proven average when we create, guide, implement, and execute projects.

Real / virtual interaction

We promote and manage the development of projects in any context (onsite/online), providing cost-effectiveness, promptness, and versatility.


We guarantee original projects that will stand out from your competitors.

who we are
We take business to the next level.

We are a team of creatives that, together with Architects, Engineers, Industrial Designers, Marketers, and Advertisers, study the market, analyze trends, propose visions, and accelerate our clients’ businesses to take them to the next level.

With more than 26 years of experience developing different business models, challenges, solving problems, and proposing new visions, we believe that providing comprehensive answers allows our clients to visualize their perfect solution in the market before executing and achieving it.

Our services are constantly evolving based on the best practices in the market. We consider the best and most agile way to seek the success of our clients’ businesses.

Currently, we continue to grow and accept new challenges. No matter what new scenarios arise, our fundamental objective will always remain the same: We will be the secret weapon to take you to the next level.


Deal with international consultants who are involved in project development and innovation.

Ethical and Trustworthy

We are clear and transparent in our processes creating the appropriate trust to achieve great results.


It is not the ideas that conquer markets. It is the way results are implemented.

Our Background
Check out some of the highlights!

CD&I Associates was born in 1995, where our founding partners, the designers Angelica Díaz, Luis Angarita, and the industrial engineer Lina Angarita, got together with the idea of having fun, getting ahead, and earning enough to live as “creators” in a place where this was a utopia.

We have understood this whole time that in our business the results are what count, and in this way, we guide the projects so that we can help our clients grow.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to grow and expand to countries like Spain and Canada, as well as develop projects in Italy, Spain, Germany, Mexico, the United States, and Central and South America.

We have enjoyed working with startups, entrepreneurs, and Fortune 500 companies in different categories ranging from artisan products with local indigenous groups to services that support entrepreneurship for non-profit organizations.

In the same way we work with cybersecurity departments for large multinational companies, developing their education and awareness strategies, we project entertainment centers in Central America and restaurants in Montreal!

We have created gas-injected road traffic systems that have become icons of Latin American culture.

We have designed street furniture, footwear, work with the pharmaceutical industry, transportation, fashion, entertainment, brand experiences, financial services for retail stores, appliances that make fun of ourselves, and even accessories that make love on the table.

We have received more than 30 distinctions, mentions, and recognitions, including the Red Dot Design Award, Montreal’s Arts and Business Personality, the Steel Pencil Award three times, the nomination for Innovators of America, the Madrid and Shanghai Biennials, and more.

We love the results of our innovations, but above all, our highest achievements have been the success and growth of our clients, the happiness of our team, and the satisfaction of a job well done!