We have developed a methodological process that starts from "Design Thinking" among others, this process we have conditioned, improved and complemented with the experience of taking more than 300 businesses to the next level in more than 25 years of experience.
Our methodologies adapt to your needs and budget, obtaining in any case a visualization of the solution implemented in the market.
Apart from obtaining the visualization, we can monitor the implementation of the project, including supporting and developing the execution.
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Our Methodology
Our team of experts analyzes and studies your target market, detects opportunities, proposes viable solutions, and guides you until your ideas become a reality. According to your budget, we answer your challenge by creating and/or improving your project, increasing your sales, recognition, knowledge, and benefits of your users by employing these 4 steps:

We access your mind and that of your organization, map your needs, understand your current situation, and determine the innovation variables that will allow you to define the best outcome for your project.


We analyze your customers to learn and think like them while we research through qualitative and quantitative means, as well as measure your markets, competitors, and best practices.


Applying advanced design thinking methodologies, we propose a viable solution for your project.

We start by visualizing your future, prototyping, and building tangible proposals supported by animations, renderings, prototypes, Canvas models, and strategic plans that solve the proposed challenge.

Deliver & InnCoach®

Once your innovation pathway is determined, we assist you in its materialization by developing the appropriate deliverables that allow you to bring your idea to market.

At the same time, we guide and train your team throughout the process.

What Our Clients Say About Us
We are Passionate about what we do... but don't take our word for it - read our client testimonials
Julian Gonzales
Managing Director

“We met the company through the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, through the project City Trends with the Future Concept Lab. CD&I Associates is a very responsible company, dedicated, and passionate about their work. They have a lot of experience in what they do. We think the 360-degree work they did in our company was great.”

Commercial Director

“When I became the Commercial Manager at DarKolor of El Salvador, with the challenge of transforming both the sales and design areas, and with the aim of taking the company from a traditional POP enterprise to a consulting and innovation company. For this important project in a country where the industrial design was extremely basic, I asked for the support of CD&I Associates because I was absolutely sure that they possessed the didactic capacity, knowledge, experience, and teamwork to achieve the objective that I was proposing and for which I had been hired. I can conclude that the project was a total success.”

Yanet Dávila
Marketing Director

“A big thank you to CD&I Associates for all the collaboration and total support in all the communication topics and strategy. A thousand thanks for everything done with us! We are very satisfied with the wise attention and service.”

Cecilia Gonzales
Customer Development Director Region Latam

“A recognition to the high-quality work that you have done for J&J. It was confirmed why you had won so many international awards and recognition. I am convinced that this work will be a benchmark to develop with another category of the region ensuring excellence in execution, delighting the shopper, and surprising our competition. Thank you.”

Angela Sierra
Director and President

“The truth is that we would not know what to do without you. You are incredible, and your collaboration and generosity in the participation with LatinArte are invaluable for our project. I want to thank CD&I Associates very much for their involvement in our editions. Your valuable suggestions and relevant advice are starting to bear fruit. How wonderful to be surrounded by the best. It’s invaluable how you make LatinArte a reality.”

Francisco Lloveras
Director of Commercial Services

“Having evaluated the management of the promotion last February, I want to tell you that it was quite positive because we fulfilled the expected sales despite the situation of the traffic interdictions. While it is true that all the services stations suffered a reduction in sales of more than 18% on average, Carrefour EDS was affected by just 8%, which is incredibly positive compared to our competitors. I appreciate your cooperation to have achieved these results.”

Fanny Bibiana Hoyos
Marketing Director Latam

“The real project is true to the design concept, which is exceedingly difficult to achieve. All the people from Philips who have visited the project with a critical vision have come out positively impacted. Without you, the project of our first Consumer Lifestyle activation would not have been possible. Overall, we are very happy with our Philips “washing machine.”

Manuel Hernández
Director of Commercial Services

“CD&I Associates is the creator of the concept “services in your life.” Carrefour is responsible for the integrated management of communication strategies and brand creation of financial services for our pharmacies, travel agencies, insurance assistances, bonds, and Carrefour’s gift cards, among others. It has been really nice to work with you, I think that very good things have been done. CD&I Associates is a company with a strong creative ability, innovative, and committed to Carrefour. They have been outstanding in creativity and have developed interesting concepts that are impacting our customers.”

Piero Coen

“Thanks for the invitation. It was interesting to witness the methodology used by CD&I Associates to receive opinions and complement ideas in the development of the project. The investment you are making in this planning will pay you back. The consultants of CD&I Associates are world-class with creativity and experience. What they will recommend to you will be very well.” Shared Message by Piero Coen


Our team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals that include industrial and graphic designers, marketers, architects, administrators, urban planners, publicists, engineers, lawyers, chefs, and even magicians.

Our offices are located in Toronto and Bogota, with representatives in Munich, Barcelona, and Guatemala. Each is directed by a skilled professional with decades of experience.

Our Toronto office, which manages our North American clients, is led by a designer with a master’s in strategic design and corporate visons and a master’s in environmental design and Innovation.

An expert publicist with expertise in total design work heads up our Bogota Office.

An architect specializing in interior design supervises our projects from central American markets. Our leading team is complemented by top-level engineers and designers from Europe (Germany and Spain).