new media designer trainee
A Chance for your talent!

We are always looking for entry-level professionals (who graduated from a recognized university) in the area of ​​New Media, online marketing and Design.

A creative who enjoys teamwork and with excellent skills in visual design, user experience, web design, marketing, and social media

Someone new with skills for managing social networks, web page design (WordPress) and good visual design and communications management.

We look for COMMITMENT, a sense of humour and dedication for our customers.

As a TRAINEE in NEW MEDIA DESIGN in CD&I Associates, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate what you know and practice all the steps involving an innovative project using new media and marketing to develop great designs and communications.

We want someone with no fear of assuming leadership roles in the future and who can demonstrate that he can act as a coordinator between our clients and our company.


As TRAINEE, our offer consists mainly of the learning curve and experience you will acquire while working with us for a fixed period of 4 MONTHS.

In addition to our training, you will receive a basic wage to cover some of your expenses during the training period.

Once this period ends satisfactory, and according to your performance and abilities, we will present you a formal job offer that includes salary + benefits, according to your aspiration.

We are looking for someone who wants to make a career and not just go through our company trainee process, who wants to integrate a creative team with international standards.

At the end of the preparation period and according with performance and expectations, the trainee will become one of our permanent STAFF members, under an employment contract.

Be a “unicorn” capable of providing outstanding marketing and design results, managing the relationship with our customers while smiling.

If you are that someone with a partner mentality, ready for a challenge and always willing to go that extra mile!